About Onagadori

The text below are copied with permission from this site: www.longtail-fowl.com

"The Onagadori, "most honourable fowl", has been protected by the Japanese government for many years and is considered a Living Monument of the Japanese culture. The Onagadori and the western breed of ornamental Longtail fowl, the PHOENIX, are related but are not the same breed. There is an immense amount of confusion in Europe and America concerning the Onagadori and the Phoenix breeds of longtails because all Phoenix, on both sides of the Atlantic, are products of crosses involving the Onagadori. The Onagadori is however, a rare, pure-bred Natural Monument to avicultural breeding mastery and is distinctive in that a certain percentage of the main sickles and covert as well as the saddle hackle grow throughout the lifetime of the rooster. The hens resemble other Longtail Fowl hens in most aspects.There are different degrees of quality of Onagadori, as in other breeds: the highest level is those Onagadori which have the extra two to three pairs of sickles and which have over 60% to 70% of the tail feathers that do not moult. The quality of the Onagadori is also very much dependent on how it is kept and birds of genetically highest quality may not develop the exquisite lengths due to poor treatment."



Onagadori in Sweden

We breed genuine japanese Onagadori.
Our first import of Onagadori (also beeing the first ever in Sweden) arrived in the end of 2011.
A second import with fresh unrelated bloodlines arrived in the beginning of 2012.
Our breeding stock is growing slow and steady due to carefully breeding choices and hard work. We receive a lot of great help from experienced breeders all around Europe.
Our goal is to preserve this legendary bird that is sadly severely threatened by the risk of inbreeding. Today there are only 250 individuals left in Europe, and with the same number in Japan (where it is originated from) there's a total of only 500 induviduals in the whole world. We hope to be able to change that number to the better.


We also breed the rare breed Minohiki and are alone in Sweden with having these breeds.











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